Synthesis of a bio-solvent from waste tallow over a heterogeneous catalyst and its application for paint removal

  • Pham Van Phong
  • Vu Do Hong Duong
  • Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa
  • Dinh Thi Ngo
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In this article, the authors present the process of preparing an environmentally friendly bio-solvent system which consists of ethyl ester as a main component derived from waste tallow such as beef tallow and catfish oil. The transesterification was carried out in a batch reactor using the heterogeneous base catalyst 30% NaOH/NaY to produce ethyl esters. The ethyl esters, ethyl lactate and some additives were blended and tested for paint removal capacity. Lots of component ratios had been tested until the removal performance reached 100%.


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