Solutions for transporting high-paraffin oil from Gau Trang field

  • Tran Van Vinh Vietsovpetro
  • Pham Ba Hien Vietsovpetro
  • Tran Quoc Khoi Vietsovpetro
  • Tran Van Thuong Vietsovpetro
  • Nguyen Hoai Vu Vietsovpetro
  • Phan Duc Tuan Vietsovpetro
  • Pham Thanh Vinh Vietsovpetro
Keywords: High-paraffin oil, transportation of high-paraffin oil, Gau Trang field


Oil produced from Gau Trang field (Block 09-1, Cuu Long basin) is characterised with high paraffin, asphaltene and resin content, high viscosity and high pour point as compared with the outside temperature. Due to the rheological complexity of crude oil and the complication of the oil gathering system, the process of transporting Gau Trang crude oil has been facing a lot of challenges. This paper summarises different solutions to minimise paraffin deposition inside the pipeline and to reduce risks during the transportation of Gau Trang crude oil.


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Sơ đồ hệ thống thu gom, xử lý và vận chuyển sản phẩm khai thác từ mỏ Gấu Trắng
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