Fertilizer packaging companies of Petrovietnam toward circular economy

  • Tu Vi Sa Vietnam Oil and Gas Group
Keywords: Circular economy, recycle, re-use, compostable, plastic packages, fertilizer packaging


A circular economy is an economic system designed with the intention that maximum use is extracted from resources and minimum waste is generated for disposal... In the context of fertilizer packaging, manufacturers have been striving to produce green fertilizer bags which are recyclable, reusable and cost-efficient. When packages (both reusable and single-use) can no longer serve its function, the material should be circulated through recycling or composting. It is a matter of materials sciences (mono-material construction or material selection) and innovations in packaging formats (flexible packages, jumbo bags, sling bags, etc.) to make progress. Along with these, the sorting and collection infrastructure needs to be set up to keep products after use in a closed loop. As well, the economic attractiveness, incentives for stakeholders are essential to make the system work effectively.


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