Development and modification of low nickel content catalysts for dry reforming of methane

  • Quan Luu Manh Ha
  • Hanan Atia
  • Udo Armbruster
  • Sebastian Wohlrab
Keywords: Dry reforming of methane, carbon dioxide, low content nickel catalyst, lanthanum, coking resistivity


Both the Ca Voi Xanh (Blue Whale) gas field in Vietnam and biogas produced in Germany possess comparable high contents of CO2. For further processing, in both cases it is important to find a way to handle the concomitant CO2. One option is the direct production of synthesis gas - a mixture of CO and H2. Accordingly, low content (2.5wt%) but active Ni catalysts supported on Mg-Al mixed oxides were developed and studied for methane dry reforming reaction (DRM). The main scope of this investigation was to design an active catalyst and modify it to avoid quick deactivation caused by coking. The samples in this study were characterised by N2 physisorption (BET) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The results revealed that our Ni/MgAlOx catalysts show high surface area and good Ni dispersion. Such properties contribute to the high activity of the catalysts already at 500oC. Modification with La3+ significantly increases the resistance toward carbon formation due to its ability for C gasification. Such La.Ni/MgAlOx type catalyst also shows high and stable DRM activity over at least 60 hours with low carbon accumulation at high weight hourly space velocity (WHSV = 170L/(gcat·h)) compared to state-of-art.


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