P&A cost management: Some international experience and practical application in Vietnam

  • Phung Mai Huong Petrovietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP)
  • Tran Van Ban Petrovietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP)
  • Pham Dang Quan Petrovietnam Exploration and Production Corporation (PVEP)
Keywords: P&A cost, decommissioning cost, work optimisation, budget/cost optimisation


The article analyses the factors affecting P&A (Plug and Abandonment) cost, which makes up a great proportion in the decommissioning cost structure. The authors review the P&A steps in theory, regulations, and practice. At the same time, factors affecting P&A decisions and P&A planning are studied in terms of work and cost as well. On that basis, the article presents some existing P&A cost estimation methods and their possible applications in Vietnam. Elements that may help optimise P&A budget in particular and decommissioning budget in general are also reviewed and presented.


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Hình 3.Thông số khai thác dầu tầng móng mỏ Bạch Hổ trong giai đoạn 1987 - 2017
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Huong, P. M., Ban, T. V., & Quan, P. D. (2021). P&A cost management: Some international experience and practical application in Vietnam. Petrovietnam Journal, 5, 38-46. https://doi.org/10.47800/PVJ.2021.05-04