Direct processing of Bach Ho crude oil by high temperature catalytic cracking at laboratory scale

  • Le Phuc Nguyen Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Tran Van Tri Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Ngo Thuy Phuong Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Luong Ngoc Thuy Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Phan Trung Tuan Vietnam Petroleum Institute
Keywords: Atmosphere residue, Bach Ho crude oil, catalytic cracking, light olefins, SCT-MAT, ZSM-5


The direct crackings of Bach Ho crude oil and atmosphere residue over equilibrium FCC catalyst (Ecat) and Ecat combined with ZSM-5 were carried out at 520 - 650oC to increase light olefin yield (C2 - C4 olefins). When increasing the temperature from 520 - 620oC, the yield of light olefin increased by 8 - 9%wt for both Bach Ho crude oil and atmosphere residue. At 650oC, up to 24 - 26% light olefins can be obtained. The addition of ZSM-5 enhances the conversion of gasoline to light olefins, increasing the total yields of C2 - C4 olefins to 30% with 16% propylene. However, raising the temperature too high or adding ZSM-5 too much will produce a large amount of undesirable product, dry gas.  


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Le, P. N., Tran, V. T., Ngo , T. P., Luong , N. T., & Phan, T. T. (2022). Direct processing of Bach Ho crude oil by high temperature catalytic cracking at laboratory scale. Petrovietnam Journal, 9, 24 - 30.