Evaluating the situation and solutions to improve the efficiency of main transformer’s operation in thermal power plants

  • Vu Minh Hung
  • Le Van Sy
  • Nguyen Phan Anh
  • Nguyen Ha Trung
Keywords: Transformer, thermal power, losses, efficiency, CLET


The transformer is an important electrical equipment in power plants, converting the voltage from 20 - 26kV at the generator output to 220 - 230kV. After a period of use, it is necessary to re-evaluate losses, efficiency, and operation mode to have suitable measures to increase working efficiency and limit incidents, as well as prolong the transformer’s life. The authors conducted surveys at 5 power plants (Ca Mau 1 and 2, Nhon Trach 1 and 2, and Vung Ang). The transformers here have a capacity between 231 - 300MVA, and have been operating for 6 - 13 years. Based on measurement data, the authors have built the CLET software (Computing Losses and Efficiency of
Transformer) to analyse and evaluate the status of operation and performance results of the above machines. From there, the authors made suggestions on operation and maintenance to ensure safety and prolong the life of the machine.


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Vu Minh Hung, Le Van Sy, Nguyen Phan Anh, & Nguyen Ha Trung. (2020). Evaluating the situation and solutions to improve the efficiency of main transformer’s operation in thermal power plants. Petrovietnam Journal, 4, 40 - 49. https://doi.org/10.25073/petrovietnam journal.v4i0.304

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