Diffraction imaging for basement fault-fracture prediction: Application to an oil field in Cuu Long basin

  • Ta Quang Minh
  • Nguyen Danh Lam
  • Duong Hung Cuong
  • Pham Van Tuyen
  • Mai Thi Lua
  • Pham The Hoang Ha
Keywords: Seismic processing, seismic imaging, seismic diffraction, faults inside basement


Improvement to the image of fractured granite basements is among the most sought-after goals for processing seismic data in Cuu Long basin, the most proliferous petroleum basin. Unlike a clear layering structure of the sediment, fuzzy images of the granite basement are often the source of confusion for interpreters to identify which structures are presented inside it. In such a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) environment, extracting geological information such as fault systems and fracture becomes challenging. In this study, diffraction imaging is employed in an effort to identify and enhance the fault system inside the basement. The comparison of the study result with various standard post-stack attribute approaches shows the effectiveness of the diffraction imaging method.


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Figure 6.Seismic profile going through vertical Well#1. The faults based on FMI in three zones are demonstrated by colour sticks. Rose diagrams indicate the strike and dip faults based on the diffraction data
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Quang Minh, T., Danh Lam, N., Hung Cuong, D., Van Tuyen, P., Thi Lua, M., & The Hoang Ha, P. (2020). Diffraction imaging for basement fault-fracture prediction: Application to an oil field in Cuu Long basin. Petrovietnam Journal, 10, 4-11. https://doi.org/10.47800/PVJ.2020.10-01