Preliminary assessment of the characteristics of Late Miocene - Quaternary intrusive and extrusive magmatism in the Tu Chinh - Vung May basin, southeastern continental shelf of Vietnam

  • Bui Huy Hoang
  • Le Chi Mai
  • Ngo Thi Van Anh
Keywords: Intrusive, Extrusive, Tu Chinh - Vung May basin, Late Miocene - Quaternary, Vietnam continental shelf


Based on the seismic and well dataset provided by the Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI), the authors have mapped and described the characteristics of the distribution and morphology of magmatic bodies as well as relatively dated them in the Tu Chinh - Vung May basin and adjacent areas. To distinguish magmatic bodies from other amplitude anomalies such as gas zone or carbonate build-up/layers, multiple criteria were used such as cross-cutting relationship, associated deformation of surrounding strata, morphology and geological relationship between different magmatic bodies. Intrusive bodies are usually sheet-like or saucer-shaped sills that cross-cut strata and even deform overlying strata, while extrusive bodies are usually cone-shaped vents/volcanoes or extensive lava sheets that conform to strata. The magmatic bodies often distribute in clusters around one or more magmatic conduits. Middle Miocene and older syn-rift faults controlled the pathway of the conduits. Magmatic bodies are more abundant closer to the East Sea spreading margin. Late Miocene - Quaternary magmatism is widespread in the study area in particular, and in the East Sea and adjacent areas in general. These activities took place after rifting and oceanic crust formation had ended, which is characteristic of magma-poor margins.


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Figure 8. Magmatic bodies and their relationship in the study area. a) Overall section showing the relationship between different magmatic bodies. b) Close-up section showing the characteristics of vents and extrusive layers. c) Close-up section showing the characteristics of intrusive bodies
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Huy Hoang, B., Le Chi Mai, & Thi Van Anh, N. (2020). Preliminary assessment of the characteristics of Late Miocene - Quaternary intrusive and extrusive magmatism in the Tu Chinh - Vung May basin, southeastern continental shelf of Vietnam. Petrovietnam Journal, 10, 12-19.

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