Design and assembly of an apparatus system based on the Villari effect for detecting stress concentration zone on ferromagnetic materials

  • Doan Thanh Dat
  • Le Thi Hong Giang
  • Nguyen Dinh Dung
  • Hoang Anh Tuan
  • Nguyen Thi Le Hien
Keywords: Magnetic field apparatus, stress concentration zone, integrity assessment, defect detection, self-magnetic flux leakage


This paper presents the study results on the fabrication of a structural integrity assessment apparatus by determining stress concentration zones in pressure pipeline and equipment. The apparatus uses a triaxial magnetic field sensor to measure magnetic field components in three axes Ox, Oy, and Oz, in the working range of the magnetic field from -300 µT to 300 µT. The investigation of the selfmagnetic leakage field by this apparatus in the API 5L steel specimens under tensile stress shows a high variation of the magnetic field at a steel elongation lower than 1 mm (corresponding to the elastic deformation state of the material). In the case of an artificial defect, the apparatus can detect a change in the magnetic field caused by stress concentration.


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Doan Thanh Dat, Le Thi Hong Giang, Nguyen Dinh Dung, Hoang Anh Tuan, & Nguyen Thi Le Hien. (2020). Design and assembly of an apparatus system based on the Villari effect for detecting stress concentration zone on ferromagnetic materials. Petrovietnam Journal, 10, 60 - 66.