Synthesis and structure solution of triethylenediamine directed microporous materials

  • Richard Alexander Stephenson
  • Chu Le Trung
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By a combination of single crystal and high-resolution powder diffraction studies, the authors aimed to gain further insights into how the organic template molecules may direct the production of a specific microporous framework. Attention was focused on the use of cyclic mono and diamines as structure directing agents to produce small pore microporous materials. The zeolite analogue Chabazite, along with two novel framework types, were synthesised by the use of the triethylenediamine (DABCO) organic template. From an initial mixed phase sample, all three crystal morphologies have been successfully prepared in their phase pure form by optimising the synthesis conditions for each individual material. With the DAF-6 (Davy Faraday-6) pure AlPO phase isolated, the addition of different cations into the synthesis gel produced the CoAlPO Chabazitic phase and the calcium-substituted DAF-7 framework, to the authors’ knowledge the fi rst open framework structure containing calcium in a framework position.


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