Assessment of corrosion situation and proposed solutions for gas power plants of Petrovietnam

  • Pham Vu Dung
  • Nguyen Hoai Nam
  • Pham Thi Huong
  • Phan Cong Thanh
  • Nguyen Thi Le Hien
Keywords: Corrosion in gas power plant, atmospheric corrosion, impressed current cathodic protection


Protection of metal from corrosion to increase the lifetime of structures is a very important issue in the economy. The monitoring and evaluation of corrosion situation will help factories and industrial zones devise timely and effective measures to protect their facilities from corrosion.

The authors have investigated the corrosion status in atmospheric conditions and evaluated internal corrosion in Petrovietnam’s power plants, including Ca Mau 1 Power Plant and Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant. In Ca Mau 1 Power Plant, atmospheric corrosion has occurred due to a high level of chloride in the environment around the plant.

The impressed current cathodic protection system applied for the cooling system of Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant has shown undesired potential. In this paper, the authors analysed the causes of corrosion and proposed several solutions to corrosion problems in Ca Mau 1 Power Plant and for the cathodic protection system of Nhon Trach 2 Power Plant.


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Dung, P. V., Nam, N. H., Huong, P. T., Thanh, P. C., & Hien, N. T. L. (2016). Assessment of corrosion situation and proposed solutions for gas power plants of Petrovietnam. Petrovietnam Journal, 3, 46-55. Retrieved from

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